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Debbie Reeve Mixed Media/Watercolor Artist

Debbie Reeve painting in studio

Inspired by the beauty of the world around her and the longing for home, Debbie's paintings reflect her love for rocks, trees and water.

Her textural paintings reveal depths of layers that mimic life's experiences resulting in a unique, one of a kind expression of artistry.

Every painting contains a history, a story, an emotion and an expression of time and place. 

Debbie has been painting and creating most all of her life and exhibits and sells her paintings around the world. 

Debbie's second love is teaching.  

PAINTING PATHWAYS was created to offer online courses to help artists lean easy steps to creating awesome pieces of art and to discover the Joy of painting. 

watercolor painting

Take the frustration out of learning to paint with these step-by-step, easy to follow painting courses.   Put the fun back as you gain a strong foundation for creating paintings that you can be proud of. 

Online Courses

With a Difference

It can be tough learning on your own.


Not having a clear direction of where to go or any guidance along the way can be stressful and steal away the joy of painting.


What if you could get instruction from a professional artist who can teach you all the shortcuts to painting success?

Debbie created PAINTING PATHWAYS to do just that.  With years of teaching beginners how to paint, Debbie has set up buildable learning steps to create awesome artwork that will have your friends saying "There's no way you painted that!"

Debbie is a fantastic instructor! She moves at just the right pace, gives very clear, understandable directions, and is so patient. Lily 

Debbie is very accomplished and she has many tricks up her sleeves that she is very willing to share with her students! Fran

Paint Party Bon Echo

Get Inspired

Student Testimonials


 Debbie has the ability to help me grow into the artist I want to be. Debbie met me where I was in my process as an artist and worked with me as a unique individual. 

Paint Workshop Painting


I saw the end picture and thought ‘No way I can do that’.  Two hours later, with Debbie’s fun guidance I made a picture I’m proud to hang in my office

Student Testimonial


Debbie  gave me the encouragement to rekindle my confidence in trying my hand at painting.

It was her infectious joy, fun and passion that helped me find the love and joy of painting starting in watercolours and now onto Acrylics.

An Inspirational teacher. 

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Bon Echo Rock Painting



"In my entire life, there have been only two paintings that took my breath away.


Voice Of Fire and Bon Echo Lake.


And I now am blessed to own one of them.


In your painting you captured a transcendent moment of beauty.


Your work dances lightly on the edge of the mystical; when I behold it, I feel a moment of sublime grace."


Jim and Michelle 

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