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Abstract, or non-objective painting has become a growing passion for me in recent years.  I could never have believed how difficult it was until I tried it! In realism the artist is trying to capture the essense of the scene.  There is a step by step process and generally it becomes clear when the painting is finished because it is identifiable.  Non-objective art however, causes the artist to create an outward expression of the inner self using just colour, line, texture, value and shape without a reference to anything that is seen or exists.  Forming a painting that is unique causes me to dig deep into my inner sense of balance, colour sensibility and creativity.  It involves playing and letting go, but working extremely hard to solve compositional problems with every single mark that is made.  I love it for the pure pleasure of a spontaneous mark that I happen to make, which for the most part is greater than the agony of covering over, or ruining a part I loved! Every painting becomes an adventure in discovery, a lesson learned, success or an opportunity to try again!

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