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The Beloved Birch Bark Trees

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Do any Canadians not love birch bark trees?

What is it about birch bark trees?

Is it how they become the star player in natures winter display against the muted greens of the evergreens and cedars? Is it because they are so straight and stately with a glowing yellow halo in Fall? Or do we love birch bark trees for their delicate lacy spring green leaves that dance in the wind?

Now I'm starting to sound like Pocahontas.

Whatever the reason, they have become an iconic symbol of my Canadian Homeland.

Some may that know that I have lived all over the world for most of my life so you may begin to understand why it is so important to me to to cultivate that sense of "home. Rocks, water and trees, in particular birch bark trees do it for me.

And obviously they do it for a lot of other people as well. I recently received an absolutely lovely email in response to the above meranderings. It is well worth the read for fellow birch bark lovers.

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